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How can Callus and Cracked Heels be treated?

Our feet are in constant use. That's why we came up with a whole line of foot care products to treat and prevent callus and cracked heel or to simply moisturize and spoil your feet. Our products are designed do work hand in hand all year round. Footner - your foot care specialist!  We care and innovate for you.

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Footner Exfoliation Socks - easy to use innovative socks. Award winner! With just one single 60 minutes application your feet will shed layers of dead skin. Use Footner Exfoliation socks preferably before and after the summer months or whenever Callus build up needs to be removed.





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Footner Soft Foot Foam - soothing foam. Spoil your feet and protect them with a moisturizing layer. Use Footner Soft Foot Foam once daily to moisturize your feet and reduce callus build-up once and forever.





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Footner Daily Repair Cream - effective cure for cracked heels. The cream stimulates the natural repair mechanism of the skin by delivering essential nutrients to the fissures. See results in just one week. Use Footner Daily Repair Cream twice a day onto dry and cracked skin.





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Footner Callus Eraser Pen - innovative callus eraser pen and foot file for targeted callus treatment. Use Footner Callus Eraser Pen twice daily after filing down hardened skin. The handy pen can also be used on unwanted callus formation on hands.




We care about you! That is why we keep on innovating for additional safe, easy to use andaward winning products. Footner - your foot care specialist!


Start today to treat your callus and cracked heel with Footner products - for baby soft feet - all year round!